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Introducing our dazzling collection of rhinestone t-shirts and more! Get ready to shine with our stunning designs that'll make you stand out in style. From everyday chic to special occasions, we can make the perfect piece for you. Shop with us and sparkle like never before! ✨ Additional rhinestone designs coming soon. 

Colors of t-shirts and rhinestones can be customized to your liking. Please contact toniburton@calibaycraftz.com for any adjustments before purchase.  

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Limited Edition Rhinestone Hoodie
Fresh Rhinestone T-shirt
Fresh Rhinestone T-shirt Sale price$35.00
Blessed (and highly favored) Rhinestone Hoodie
SF Giants Rhinestone Hat
SF Giants Rhinestone Hat Sale price$75.00
Drip Too Hard T-shirt
Drip Too Hard T-shirt Sale price$35.00
Krispy Klean Rhinestone Hoodie
Black Queen Rhinestone T-shirt
Rags to Riches Rhinestone T-Shirt